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the first heated mask

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For snow sports addicts

Mask / helmet attachment system

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De la buée sur vos lunettes? Découvrez nos produits anti-buée révolutionnaires.

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Nice present

Offer protection to your loved ones, your employees or your business partners

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100% natural, compostable packaging


Biel-based technology obtains Testex® certification. Unique in the world. Just fiber, nothing else.

There is only one certification and we have it.

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Everyday 2.0 Reusable Antimicrobial Protective Mask

We offer our new Everyday mask, ergonomic, ultra-light, allergenic, anti-UV, washable and reusable.

Everyday Classic: support for the actions of Fond Foundations

At KT Home SA, we defend all causes likely to help our planet and its population. Our Everyday Classic anti-microbial mask is a wonderful choice to protect you, but also a wonderful image carrier.

Significant economic gains

2 Everyday 2.0 masks will last 1 year.

Cost: 2x CHF 21.50 = CHF 43.-

The paper equivalent? 730 disposable masks.

Cost: 730 x 0.60cts = CHF 438.-

The Nude

For a perfect and uncompromising makeup removal with just water. Our makeup remover glove is very effective for washing your skin deeply or for effectively removing makeup over a period of two years.

The advantages of our masks

Antimicrobial, reusable, eco-responsible, recyclable, comfortable and light, easy breathing, does not deform, no chemicals, no fogging for wearers of glasses so well adjusted, Machine washable, Ideal for sensitive skin and for be worn for several hours, holds 50 washes.


Our bestsellers

<transcy>KT La Boutique</transcy>

Based in Biel, Switzerland, KT La Boutique offers the best products from the houses Keller Trading SA and KT Home SA, both specialists in high quality microfiber in the luxury and cosmetics fields. Our two houses are joining forces to offer our bestsellers to the general public.

Our developments in the international press

KT Care has imagined a very high quality microfiber glove that allows you to remove makeup gently and effectively.

Include a brief quote or a description of your relationship with the brand.

Even greener than washable make-up removing discs, this glove can be used without any product!

A new beauty accessory, which lasts over two years!


Thanks to Europa Star magazine for this wonderful publication.

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