Zoom <transcy>Child model // Everyday Classic: Ski special edition</transcy>
Zoom <transcy>Child model // Everyday Classic: Ski special edition</transcy>
Zoom <transcy>Child model // Everyday Classic: Ski special edition</transcy>

Child model // Everyday Classic: Ski special edition

SFr. 19.50

Our mask is suitable for winter sports! Snow white, red interior and adorned with an edelweiss and a Swiss flag on the side, the Everyday Classic goggle also includes a pair of velcro, for better adhesion to your goggle.

Delivery: from December 28, 2020.

Important information:

  • Hygiene requirements before first use: wash once at 60 ° C minimum with detergent
  • Maintenance: 60 ° C with detergent (powder or liquid)

For your comfort and the well-being of the planet, the mask is reusable.

  • We remind you that this mask is only an urban protective mask and not an FFP2 (medical) mask.
  • It is washable & reusable up to 50 times (until a hole appears).
  • Ultra-light, super covering, sober, comfortable and can be worn on all occasions.
  • Its ultra-thin thickness causes no discomfort, no fogging for eyeglass wearers, if it is well adapted.
  • It is also anti-UV and allergenic.
  • Always distributed individually with mention of the size.
  • Distributed with a pair of velcro.

We advise you to wear two masks alternately.

ATTENTION: for hygienic reasons, no right of return of open masks is granted.

DELIVERY TIME: up to one week.

Precaution for use

  • We remind you that all masks on the market are susceptible to infection.
  • During use: if the mask has to be removed for a certain period of time, please remove it gently, without handling it, fold it and insert it in a pouch or envelope provided for this purpose, taking care to disinfect your hands .
  • Be sure to wash your hands well and disinfect them before wearing the mask and after removing it because like all masks, it is susceptible to infection.
  • Disinfect your mask ecologically, you can iron it on the "steam" position.
  • Tip: use an ecological detergent, such as Stamen Lys .

Removing your mask

When the mask deteriorates, a hole or a break in the seam, a final wash at 60 ° will suffice and it can thus take place in your laundry bag intended for recycling.

Its secret: the Silver fiber

Knitted microfiber, composition: 90% polyester microfilament, 10% silver fiber and spandex microfilament.

Sizes & Colors

    • Only one size available, for children from 6 to 10 years old
    • Colors: White, red interior


Our "Everyday" product is packaged in the first transparent BioCello packaging, ecological because it is plant-based and compostable at home. Always distributed individually, never in batches, for obvious hygienic reasons.

Industrial quantities & customizations

Our entire collection can be adorned with a message by silkscreen printing or embossing. This service is only available for industries. For industrial quantities an offer will be established on request.

Child model // Everyday Classic: Ski special edition

SFr. 19.50